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Helping automotive manufacturers with their ever-changing global supply chain challenges to make sustainable choices

Enabling Carflow from Manufacturig Sites to Distributers to Dealers.

Creating a Demand Forecast that considers Total Industry Volume (TIV) and Segment Share.

Enabling Mix Management where the total volume remains consistent while the variant mix could be modified.

Enabling Control Feature Forecasting and Planning



Helping innovators in life sciences by bringing visibility to their complex supply chain, which results in elevating the customer experience and avoiding excess/expired inventories

Jurisdictional Control (Market Regulations and Genealogy Restrictions) 
Enabling Attribute-based Planning to match demand and supply without the burden of the large master data set.

Shelf-Life Management
Enabling expiry management to ensure the minimum shelf-life of a product is respected by the supplier.



Helping retail enterprises in increasing their efficiency by refining their promotion planning and inventory management through technological capabilities that offer more accurate forecasts and inventory allocation:

Enabling a demand forecast solution considering Sell Out and Sell Though data to generate a Sell In demand considering the Lead Times, Stock Policies and On hand at the Distributors and Customers



Assisting semiconductor foundries with their supply chain disruptions, short product life cycles, and excessive inventory by leveraging new technologies and skillsets that give them agility and flexibility.



Helping chemical companies and industrial manufacturing with their volatile demand, waste management, and supplier availability by providing them with global dashboards and what-if simulation capabilities.