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Join forces with IMTEK to transform your supply chain through digital innovation, crafted to streamline operations and accelerate business growth.


Who We Are

IMTEK is a business consulting and systems integration company specializing in services and solutions for supply chain planning and execution including Kinaxis RapidResponse®️ and PlanetTogether®️.

What We Do

We partner with our clients to maximize the value from their supply chain investments, harnessing our deep industry experience and innovative solutions to meet diverse needs.

How We Do It

Our approach combines business, functional, and technical expertise for a holistic digital transformation. From initial requirements gathering to sustained post-launch support, we ensure seamless integration and adoption of optimized supply chain solutions.

Services We Provide For Our Customers

Builds a customer supply chain transformation roadmap

Our expert team of consultants will help you build a comprehensive roadmap for transforming your supply chain, starting with a thorough evaluation of your current systems and processes. We’ll identify pain points, develop recommendations, and work closely with you to design a customized solution that meets your unique business needs. Our solution architecture services will set you on the path to supply chain optimization and success.

Resolve complex data and analytic configurations to ensure expected results

We’ll configure your system analytics to align with the functionality of your source systems, ensuring that you’re able to generate the insights you need to make informed decisions. Our team will identify data sources, map data elements, and configure analytics to produce the desired output. With our solution configuration services, you’ll have a system that’s optimized for success.

Lead design workshops, to gain alignment, and blueprint an implementation


Our team will lead design workshops, gather requirements from stakeholders, and create a blueprint for implementing your supply chain solution. We’ll identify gaps in your current systems and processes and develop a plan to address those gaps, including timelines, budgets, and resource requirements. With our design services, you’ll have a clear roadmap to achieving your supply chain transformation goals.

configure system analytics according to the functionality of customer source systems

Our experts will resolve complex data and analytic configurations to ensure that your solution is delivering the expected results. We’ll make sure that all data sources are connected, data is mapped correctly, and the system is configured to generate the desired output. With our integration services, you can be confident that your solution is functioning as intended and delivering value to your business.

provide help from initial planning to implementation to ongoing sustainment and support

We’ll provide ongoing support and maintenance of your solution, from initial planning to implementation and beyond. Our team will be there to help you troubleshoot issues, provide training, and upgrade your system as needed. With our sustainment services, you can be confident that your supply chain solution will continue to function effectively and deliver value to your business.

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